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Army Pensions
January 19, 2016

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Army Pensions

January 19, 2016


I am writing to inform you of an error the MOD has made in paying pensions to former Officers commissioned from the ranks. I would like you to pass the information on to retired members of the SCOTS DG in a similar position so they can chase up their entitlements. First though, an introduction my name is Daniel Shorrock I served with the SCOTS DG as Pay Warrant Officer in Fallingbostel from 1996-1999, I am sure many members serving at the time will remember me, and that I had a pretty sound knowledge of all pay and pension matters and did my best for all ranks. I left SCOTS DG in November 1999, and was eventual commissioned in my own corps (AGC (SPS)) in 2002. I retired from the service in 2006 and moved to Australia. When I received my pension, it was short of the amount I was expecting. The rules for those commissioning from the ranks are they only qualify for an Officers’ pension after 5 years’ commissioned service. As I only did 4, I received a WO1’s pension, but should receive a supplement of £176 per year for each year commissioned. This supplement was not paid, I queried it at the time and was told it did not apply to me. I questioned this, but again was told no. As I had moved to Australia, I let the matter pass, but was determined to follow it up one day, this I did, belatedly, in 2015. Firstly I re-read the regulation, it’s very clear:


‘Additions for commissioned service and rates of resettlement grants


167C. The following rates apply to men and women whose last day of service was on or after 31st March 2005;


a. The addition for each year of commissioned service is £175.71.


Subject to a maximum annual pension of £18,473.’

I joined the Forces Pensions Society in 2013, so next I wrote to their technical guru (David Marsh) for his thoughts. His response was unequivocal ‘you are entitled, write to the MOD’. David also told me what to write, a copy of my letter with my personal details wiped out is attached. Initially the MOD again refused, I wrote back asking for a paragraph from the Pensions warrant that bars me from the supplement as I had identified one that clearly states I am entitled. In September I received another letter confirming the error and backpay from 2006 was paid into my back account.

David has agreed to publicise my case in the Forces Pension Society, and I wrote to former colleagues on facebook. Since then two more have been paid out. I am aware though that whilst David and I can reach a few, this needs to go to a lot of retired late entry officers. I have therefore taken it upon myself to write to the  Associations of the Regiments and Corps I served with, starting with the best one SCOTS DG.

Can I ask that you publicise the case as you see fit. If anyone wants to write to me, they can at my personal email address (cc on this). So far all the cases paid out are for those who left after 2005, I believe those leaving prior to 2005 are also entitled, just at a lower rate (not yet confirmed by MOD).




Daniel Shorrock




January 19, 2016

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Army Pensions

January 19, 2016

Well, that explains the email sent out by Home HQ. I received an email this am from the Castle that had the redacted copy of Daniel's attachment, (not included here(?)) nothing else, just the application details Daniel speaks of and a short note saying it wouldn't apply to all but some may find it of interest. There was no explanation of the background apropos Daniel's letter above so I am now at least enlightened as to what it all means!!  Proves once again the value of THIS site!!

January 19, 2016

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Army Pensions

January 19, 2016

   I too had the email this morning and copied it to the site less the application letter which is below in full I think.







DBS Veterans UK

Mail Point 480

Kentigern House

65 Brown Street


G2 8EX                                                                                                                                                January 2016


Dear Sir or Madam,


ARMY PENSION – (Your name) EX CAPTAIN (Officer Number)


I am writing to confirm that the supplement for commissioned service was applied to the WO1’ s pension I am currently in receipt of. Although you will undoubtedly have my career history in Glasgow, I can provide a brief summary below:


Born -

Enlistment date -

Pension date – (18th birthday or enlistment date whichever is the latter)

Promoted WO2 or WO1 – (if commissioned from WO2 that date, if WO1 that date)

Commissioned as a Captain –

Retired –

Pensionable service – (from pension date to retirement)


I did not serve the required five years’ commissioned service to qualify for an officer pension, but had completed more than 22 years’ service and was therefore entitled to a WO1’s pension, with an additional 176 pounds (approx.) per year (Army Pension Warrant 167C refers) for each year of commissioned service.  My pension is XXX (although as I commuted a portion of this to receive a larger terminal grant, the pension I am currently in recept of is XXX. Therefore I am seeking clarification of the breakdown of the XXX; how much is the supplement and how much is ordinary award?


Yours faithfully




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