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Big Jack
June 18, 2017

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Big Jack

June 18, 2017

Received an email from our Branch Sec Pete Farley, about a Cpl John Henry Hughes (the email was initially headed "Jones" instead of Hughes) who passed away on 3rd June. From the description of  his service, ex Welsh Guards and dates served, I reckon it could be "Big Jack", known to us all as our Provost Cpl, both in 3DG and SCOTS DG days. Built like the proverbial "outhouse", a fondness for big German cars, Regimental heavyweight boxing ( fairly easy to get him to miss, but IF he caught you, goodnight Vienna !) & I seem to remember, winner of a small fortune on the German lotto when in Detmold. A likeable, lovable rogue, known by EVERYONE who served in the Regiment, a ready smile and a Welsh accent as thick as his powerful arms. Confirmation received - sadly , it IS Big Jack who has passed away. RIP Big Fella, your legend will last long in the memory - your duty is well & truly done, & you've earned a rest in that Big Guardroom In The Sky !   John (JKW)

June 19, 2017

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Big Jack

June 19, 2017






It is with regret that I inform you of the death on, 3 June 2017 of Mr J H (John) Henry also known as Jack, who served with 3DG/SCOTS DG 1961-83.


He was affiliated to the North West of England and Wales Branch of the Association


His funeral is as follows on Wednesday 21 June 2017 at 1100hrs


Methodist Chapel


LL53 6RB


Followed by an interment at Denio Chapel, Pwllheli.

 Condolences can be sent to

 Mr Gywn Williams (nephew)

Llys Myfyr

Erw Nant



LL55 3PJ





Yours Sincerely

Sharon McConnell



If you are attending the funeral please inform Home Headquarters

June 20, 2017

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Big Jack

June 20, 2017

John Henry Hughes, 'Big Jack' to all who knew him well. An enigmatic man, he loved big German cars, German beer, the German lottery, golf and women who didn't try to tame him. He was great company, a loyal friend, someone best not courted as an enemy, a gentle giant until provoked. Jack once told me he couldn't speak 'proper English' until he joined the Welsh Guards aged 17. When I flippantly remarked things hadn't improved much in the meantime, rather than knock me flat he just laughed. If Jack liked you there was no need to mind your Ps and Qs with him. He had a phenomenal capacity to drink beer and remain upright, he had a zest for life and was almost a law unto himself. Given Jack's chosen lifestyle I never thought he would live to an old age but he must have been about 75 when he passed recently, that was him all over, defying the odds and proving me wrong. Jack had a good innings all  things considered but I am still saddened at his passing. R.I.P. Jack.

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