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Major General Charles Ramsay
January 1, 2018

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Major General Charles Ramsay

January 1, 2018

 Dear All
I am very sad to report the death of Major General Charles Ramsay. I have rung the
Presidents and Vice Presidents of the Regimental Council and would be hugely grateful if you
could all help pass the message to those I may have omitted from my email addresses. So
many people will want to know.
This news will come very hard at the start of 2018, particularly as for so many of us, Charles
has been an omnipresent part of regimental life for about as long as many of us can
He was my first Commanding Officer when I was a potential officer in Catterick and many of
you will have known him as a commander, brother officer and friend for rather longer, both
in the Royal Scots Greys and the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards.
Charles and Mary have been so generous - in time, hospitality, wisdom and friendship - to all
of us over the years. And, Charles has been assiduous in holding us to the marks of heritage
and culture of our Regiment and its forebears. His particular enthusiasm and support of all
matters, music and equitation have been constant and enduring.
I have just spoken to their elder son Will at their home in Berwickshire and he has explained
that Charles died during the course of Saturday night, from a suspected heart attack. He had
been well and had a happy time over Christmas.  Mary has their children Will, Rowena,
Camilla and Charlie with her at Pittlesheugh now.
There will be a private family funeral in Duns and burial beside his relatives in Leitholm, in
the not too distant future, with a Service of Thanksgiving in due course, probably in Kelso.
In the meantime, if you would like to write to Mary, her address is:
The Hon bl Mrs Ramsay
TD10 6UL

January 2, 2018

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Major General Charles Ramsay

January 2, 2018

I remember General Charles well, first from his time as C Sqn Leader when I was in D Sqn, & then as CO in Catterick.  My recollection is of  a quiet man but with a smile that could ice water ! We in D Sqn were already in NI at Gosford Castle, South Armagh, when we learned that C Sqn were due to join us - every officer, & I include those of his equal rank, were in awe of him, almost terrified of his arrival. He actually had an old VW Beetle there (brought over from BAOR ?), which he lent to the subalterns to swan around in - this gesture almost backfired literally when a group of them were stopped by (plain clothed ?)  police in Portadown, each "side" trying to draw 9mm pistols - fortunately before a shot was fired common sense prevailed and a mass shoot out averted. It transpired the reason for the police "stop" was because the VW had tractor number plates fitted !! RIP Sir, you will be long remembered by all that served with you. John (JKW)

January 3, 2018

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Major General Charles Ramsay

January 3, 2018

From: Miss Sharon McConnell


          Assistant Regimental Secretary


The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

(Carabiniers & Greys)

Home Headquarters



Telephone:   0131 310 5100/5102

Facsimile:    0131 310 5101



HHQ 530

3 Jan 2018








Further to the initial letter from the Colonel of the Regiment about the death of Major General Ramsay, it is confirmed his funeral service will be held on 15 January 2018 at 1100hrs at Christ Church, Duns with a burial at Leitholm. The funeral will be a private family affair (with no representation from the Regiment).


A Service of Thanksgiving to which everyone is welcome will be held on 25 January 2018 at 1400hrs at


St Andrews Church

Belmount Place




Following the service there will be a reception at Pittlesheugh, Greenlaw,Berwickshire, TD10 6UL. If you are attending the Service of Thanksgiving please could you inform Home Headquarters.










Yours Sincerely

Sharon McConnell

Miss Sharon McConnell

Asst Regt Sec|HHQ SCOTSDG|The Castle|Edinburgh|EH1 2YT|0131 310 5102|94740 5102| (SCOTSDG-HHQ-RegtSec-Asst)




January 3, 2018

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Major General Charles Ramsay

January 3, 2018

My  condolences to his family, and to the Regimental family on this sad loss, another member gone but never to be forgotten, Tom


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