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You Couldn’t Make It Up
April 21, 2020

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You Couldn’t Make It Up

April 21, 2020

So, Covid-19. A viral outbreak of pandemic proportions. No wonder we are struggling to find enough PPE for those who need it. Despite ‘herculean’ efforts, constant ramping up of endeavours etc we are still short. No-one’s  fault, it’s supply and demand with the latter outstripping the former.

But hang on a minute, what’s this I read in today’s Daily Telegraph? We are exporting PPE (including the sought after gowns) to Europe? That can’t be so! What, three huge lorries are being loaded at a UK company warehouse as I write? Never. Don’t believe it. It will be fake news!
Sadly NOT. Several companies in the UK are sitting on warehouses brim full of PPE according to the report, They have contacted the Government and have been ignored so they are selling it abroad. The 3 lorry loads today are bound for Italy.

How can this be I hear you say? No idea BUT I could hazard a guess. What if the companies have bought the PPE ( it IS of Chinese manufacture) and are looking to make a quick killing by flogging it at a profit to the Government? If that IS the reason for Govt ignoring the stockpiles in private UK company hands surely to heavens an agreement could be reached? Would it be anymore expensive than buying the stuff in Turkey and then sending 3 Hercules to collect it?

Like I said you couldn’t make it up!

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