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Signs Of A Failed Society
October 6, 2019

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Signs Of A Failed Society

October 6, 2019

1. The fact that no Metropolitan Police Officer faces legal proceedings or even disciplinary action stemming from the botched, unfounded and totally farcical alleged ‘VIP Paedophile’ Ring. Lives ruined, reputations traduced and warrants to search houses obtained illegally, yet no-one is to blame. The Met is tainted beyond redemption at the highest level in my opinion. Those responsible are either retired with full pensions or promoted.


2. The fact that Tom Watson remains Deputy Labour Leader after his leading role in that same debacle.


3. The fact that schools are introducing uni sex lavatories after bowing to pressure groups.  That hospitals (some/many) allow patients to decide which sex they are and place them in gender specific wards accordingly. Jails to apparently.


4. The fact the Government under TM signed away many aspects of our defence decision making procedures as a ‘sop’ to the Brexit negotiations. The EU IS taking centralised control of member states defence matters and WILL be forming an EU Defence Force.( Google it).


5. The fact that the Supreme Court comprises judges with political motivations that are distinctly pro European (and have supported the Remain argument) and wrongly interfered in political matters beyond their remit.


6. The fact that it took a High Court judge’s decision to allow a couple to take their child to Italy to provide it with continuous life support when NHS doctors wanted to let the child die. This despite similar medical decisions in the recent past  being proved wrong. The child is in no pain, has limited but some responses to stimulation and Italian doctors believe the child could live naturally for another 10-20 years. The Liverpool End Of Life Care Pathway fiasco is still not history, sadly.


7. The media attention paid to the HK demonstrations whilst ignoring (almost) the Veterans’ protest parades in support of those being arraigned before the courts for incidents during the NI troubles.


8. Finally, for this rant, the state of Parliament. The backstabbing, the self centred and egotistical braying cabal of yobs pretending to represent the electorate. The manically stupid and biased Speaker, the playground antics of those opposed to Brexit and the whole unedifying spectacle that was once a lesson to the free world in how a democratic political system should operate. All gone in my opinion. Victim of a society that encourages and promotes people to be victims, a society that disparages normal, accepted patterns of behaviour and eschews instead oddballs, 13 new gender descriptions, a no blame society for those at the top, a society where genuine whistle blowers are castigated for upsetting the status quo and a society where even the police are not held to account.

And yet, it isn’t society to blame at all, it is those society elects to govern us and lead us. As a nation we have seldom been so poorly served by our politicians.

October 7, 2019

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Signs Of A Failed Society

October 7, 2019

Agreed on all counts David, & on top of all that, the weather is crap !!! In addition, I offer the following ; 1) The Met Police botched investigation allegedly cost the tax payer £2m too - with now proof the Met were clearly at fault, surely those responsible must be held to account ? 2)Tom Watson ? At least he's against the Momentum gang, but did pressurise the Met and was a major cause in them continuing the investigation, Watson claiming afterwards that the report was selective in its condemnation of his involvement ! 3)Another example of the PC Brigade at its worst 4) Defence - we'll be out of the EU soon enough, so our Armed Forces won't have to join this European Defence Force ! 5) Yes, yet their pro EU leanings were hardly mentioned in the media - all 11 of them should hang their heads in shame. 6) Yet another example of common sense, logic & decency NOT being applied by the medical professionals,  causing untold misery to the parents, but at least the Courts in this case came out on the side of the family. Made even more unpalatable with the hospital considering an appeal, not only prolonging the agony & frustration for the family, but costing valuable resources too. 7) Absolutely spot on, especially Sky News who have made Hong Kong their No1 topic, way OTT . 8) I have so little respect for the current crop of politicians that I honestly despair - Boris seems to be trying his best to secure an orderly exit but is up against it at every turn - a woman makes a claim he touched her thigh 20 years ago ( why wait until the Tory Conference to do so ?), a Birmingham female MP  blames his "surrender" speech as the reason she had to shut her office due to death threats ( was it coincidence her book was published that week & she promoted it on day time TV ?). In addition, Corbyn & Sturgeon automatically say they cannot support the new proposals, before they'd even studied them. The majority of the current crop of MPs have made themselves a laughing stock, but worse, have strengthened the EU's hand in negotiating against us.  John (JKW)    

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